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Nx Champions

These friendly people promote Nx in the community by publishing content and sharing their expertise. They also gather feedback from the community to help improve Nx.

React, Repository Structure, Patting New Devs On Their Backs

William Ghelfi

Onboarding new devs, Repository Structure, Dev Advocacy, Dev Rel, knowledge sharing

Santosh Yadav

Angular, GitHub, .NET, enterprise workspaces, open source, testing, architecture, repository structure, published libraries, documentation
Lars Gyrup Brink Nielsen

Plugins, Community, Repository Structure, Angular, Nest, DevOps

Jay Bell
British Columbia, Canada

Angular, Onboarding New Devs, Repository Structure, Writing Plugins, spanish questions/talks

Jorge Cano

Angular, Qwik, Plugins, Community, Blogs
Dmitriy Stepanenko

🅰️ Mentor / Angular Architect - 📖 DDD & Nx / @AngularWroclaw - Organizer / Angular Bros - Co-Founder / Host of Angular Tech Twitter Spaces

Daniel Glejzner

Defining repository structures, creating application architecture with Nx, writing Plugins
Dominik Pieper

Onboarding New Devs, Angular, Vite, Plugins

Brandon Roberts
Alabama, USA

Testing, Repository Structure, Angular/React/NestJS Architecture
Younes Jaaidi

Angular, Blogs, Talks, Conferences, Plugins, Repository Structure
Manfred Steyer

Writing tools and plugins to enhance Nx workspaces even more, Contributing to Nx repository, Helping plugin authors, Bringing Nx to the mass, 'cause it rocks 🤘🏿!

Tine Kondo

Angular, Architecture, Automation, Testing, Devtools

Edouard Bozon

Angular, Repository Structure, Onboarding New Devs, Architecture, Blogging

LinkedIn: Stefan Haas
Stefan Haas

I work every day on a large enterprise scale Angular application, so I care a lot about plugins and developer experience
Lara Newsom
Iowa, USA

Nx + Angular best practices in Enterprise multi-team environment and micro-frontend architecture

Kate Sky

Writing plugins, Qwik, testing

Shai Reznik

IDE support


Writing plugins and being the resident Nx enthusiast at Ionic

Devin Shoemaker
Missouri, USA

Angular, Cypress, Question Answerer for New Users

Preston Lamb
Utah, USA

We support big companies to achieve their goals by writing plugins, designing enterprise architecture and auditing their web performance
Michael Hladky

Angular, Qwik, SolidJS, enterprise workspaces, open source, architecture, repository structure, plugins, documentation

Nacho Vazquez

Open source project efficiencies, diverse ecosystem collaboration within workspaces and cross platform targeting for small to large enterprises.

Nathan Walker

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