Nx Console Telemetry

To ensure that we focus on creating features that benefit your day-to-day workflow, we collect some data from the Nx Console extensions.

Collected Data

Here's the information we collect for each extension.

User Data

None of the information that we ask for is used to track any personal information

Client IDThese are retrieved by APIs provided by each editor. We do not generate this information.
User IDWe use the same value as the Client ID
Session IDGenerated UUID
OSWhat operating system are you using?
EditorWhat editor are you using? Visual Studio Code, Intellij, etc
App VersionWhat version of the extension is being used?

Event Data

Extension ActivatedExtension activation timings
Action TriggeredNx Generate, Nx Run, Nx Graph, etc

Visual Studio Code

For Visual Studio Code, we use the global telemetry setting provided by the editor. This is controlled by the telemetry.telemetryLevel setting

How to Disable telemetry for Visual Studio Code

Setting telemetry.telemetryLevel to off will disable telemetry for Nx Console in Visual Studio Code. Read more about the telemetry settings in Visual Studio Code here

Jetbrains (IntelliJ, Webstorm, etc)

When the plugin is first installed, we will prompt you to opt in or out of reporting telemetry.

How to Disable Telemetry for Jetbrains editors

To turn off telemetry after opting in, go to Settings > Tools > Nx Console > Uncheck Enable Telemetry