Enable Typescript Batch Mode

Available since Nx 16.6.0

The @nx/js:tsc batch implementation was introduced in Nx 16.6.0.

If you're using the @nx/js:tsc to build your projects, you can opt-in to use its batch implementation. The batch implementation uses the TypeScript APIs for incremental builds and batches the execution of the tasks into a single process. This results in a much faster build time when compared to the default implementation (the bigger the task graph to run, the more the performance improvements).

Experimental feature

Executing tasks in batch mode is an experimental feature.


Building a project with the @nx/js:tsc executor in batch mode requires all dependent projects to be buildable and built using the @nx/js:tsc executor.

To run your builds using the batch implementation, pass in --batch flag:

nx build my-project --batch

For optimal performance, you could set the clean option to false. Otherwise, the executor cleans the output folder before running the build, which results in the loss of the .tsbuildinfo file and, consequently, the loss of important optimizations performed by TypeScript. This is not a requirement. Even if the clean option is not set to false there are other important optimizations that are performed by the batch implementation.

1{ 2 "build": { 3 "executor": "@nx/js:tsc", 4 "options": { 5 "outputPath": "dist/libs/ts-lib", 6 "main": "libs/ts-lib/src/index.ts", 7 "tsConfig": "libs/ts-lib/tsconfig.lib.json", 8 "assets": ["libs/ts-lib/*.md"], 9 "clean": false 10 } 11 } 12} 13
Nx 15 and lower use @nrwl/ instead of @nx/

You can get a sense of the performance improvements over using the @nx/js:tsc default implementation in the tsc batch mode benchmark.