Announcing Launch Nx on February 5-9, 2024

🌎 online and free to attend

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We’ll be sharing new features and content daily during launch week, so be sure to keep an eye on this space for all the latest info!


Announcing Project Crystal

When working on the next iteration of Nx, one idea consistently emerged: Nx Plugins are powerful and have proven to help large enterprises adopt monorepos, successfully maintaining and scaling them. However, there's definitely a barrier to entry. So, what if Nx Plugins functioned more like VSCode extensions? You simply add them, and they instantly enhance the experience of working with a given tool or technology.
This is what Nx Project Crystal is all about.


NEW PLUGIN: @nx/nuxt

Checkout the newest Nx Plugin: @nx/nuxt. We're excited to collaborate closer with the Vue community, and have been looking forward to launching this plugin since we first announced Vue support last year!

This is the first plugin to be created with Project Crystal from day 1! Using this plugin - you can expect enhanced support for the Nuxt framework in Nx. It's a game changer for Nuxt developers who want to take advantage of Nx's powerful monorepo capabilities.


Nx Agents

Continuous Integration is broken, so we built Nx Agents to fix it. Nx Agents is a new way to run your CI/CD pipelines. It's a distributed and scalable solution built to handle everything from the largest enterprise monorepo, down to your weekend hackathon project. It's a game changer for all developers that want to focus on shipping features, not maintaining CI/CD infrastructure.



Announcing Tusky: A powerful Artificial Intelligence equipped with context of your workspace, commit history, and historical build timing data. Tusky can uniquely understand and optimize your codebase and pipelines.


Nx Release & Launch Week Recap Stream

Last day of launch week! Releasing packages in a monorepo can be tricky and many of today's tools are either outdated or need further tweaking when used in a monorepo. We decided to chime in and leverage our experience of maintaining Lerna and having hand-coded many release scripts in the past to solve this once and for all.

Check out the blog post and video below and make sure to chime in for our live-stream!

Launch Conf

Thursday, February 8th

Note: all time indications are in the Eastern Standard timezone (UTC-05:00).


Opening Remarks

Jeff Cross, Juri Strumpflohner, & Zack DeRose


Nx Project Crystal

Juri Strumpflohner


Project Crystal + .NET in Action

Craigory Coppola


Nx Agents Walkthrough: Effortlessly Fast CI Built for Monorepos

Rareş Matei


Solving E2E Tests

Altan Stalker


Releasing Nx Release

James Henry


Special Announcement

Zack DeRose


Closing Remarks

Juri Strumpflohner & Zack DeRose


Juri Strumpflohner
Juri Strumpflohner

As Sr. Director of Developer Experience at Nx, Juri Strumpflohner helps to shape the evolution of Nx. He loves to break down complex topics and teach them in a simple, digestible form, leveraging his 15+ years of expertise working from backend to frontend systems and consulting as architect for some of the world's biggest companies. Juri is a Google Developer Expert, an international speaker and an Egghead instructor.

Zack DeRose
Zack DeRose

Zack is a Google Developer Expert in Angular, and a Senior Engineer and Engineering Manager for Nrwl, living in the desserts of San Tan Valley, Arizona. Zack particularly enjoys teaching other engineers, breaking down problems into manageable pieces, and building awesome stuff.

Craigory Coppola
Craigory Coppola

Meet Craigory, a member on the Nx Core Team for the past two years and the innovator behind the .NET plugin for Nx. Residing in Kentucky, he contributes primarily to Nx's core and plugin support. When he's not immersed in code, Craigory engages in woodworking, electronics, gaming, and cherishes his role as a father. Join him as he explores the intricacies of the new project inference API in Nx, illuminating its flexibility and power.

Rareş Matei
Rareş Matei

From the faraway lands of Scotland (but without the Scottish accent), Rareș works at Nrwl.io on NxCloud, helping teams speed up and scale their development practices. He enjoys learning by teaching and has multiple courses on Egghead.io and is a Scotland organiser for Codebar.io.'

Altan Stalker
Altan Stalker

Based in Atlanta, GA, Altan is a senior engineer at Nrwl and works primarily on Nx Cloud. He's passionate about developer experience and helping organizations move quickly. When not building software, you can find him working on his keyboard or on a hike.

James Henry
James Henry

As Director of Engineering at Nx, James manages our European Nxians and leads our efforts on the Lerna project. He is a prolific open-source contributor, 5x Microsoft MVP, ESLint Core Team Alum, and has worked on a number of projects alongside the TypeScript Team.

Jeff Cross
Jeff Cross

Co-Founder/CEO of Nx, and collector of kunekune pigs.


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