Release Projects Independently

Nx Release supports releasing projects independently. This is useful when you have a monorepo with projects that are not released on the same schedule.

Configure Independent Releases

To configure independent releases, add the following property to your nx.json file:

1{ 2 "release": { 3 "projectsRelationship": "independent" 4 } 5} 6

Differences from Fixed Releases

Nx release will behave differently when configured for independent releases.

Prompt for Multiple Version Bumps

When configured for independent releases, Nx Release will prompt for a version bump for each project that is being released. This allows the version of each project to differ over time.

Create a Git Tag for Each Project

Since each project can have a different version, Nx Release will create a git tag for each project that is being released. By default, the tag for each project will follow the pattern {projectName}@{version}. For example, if the pkg-1 project is being released with version 1.1.0, its git tag will be pkg-1@1.1.0.

This can still be changed with the release.releaseTagPattern property in nx.json, but be sure to include {projectName} in the pattern so that each generated tag is unique.

For example, to generate the tags release/pkg-1/1.1.0 and release/pkg-2/1.2.1 for the pkg-1 and pkg-2 projects respectively, you would use the following configuration in nx.json:

1{ 2 "release": { 3 "releaseTagPattern": "release/{projectName}/{version}" 4 } 5} 6

Different Commit Message Structure

Even though Nx Release creates a git tag for each project, it will still create a single commit for the entire release. The commit message will still include all of the projects being released with their corresponding version. For example:

1chore(release): publish 2 3 - project: pkg-1 1.1.0 4 5 - project: pkg-2 1.2.1 6 7 - project: pkg-3 2.5.7 8


Nx Release will no longer generate and update a workspace level file when configured for independent releases. If you still want changelog generation, you will need to enable project level changelogs. These are similar to the workspace level changelog, but they are generated for each project individually and only contain changes for that specific project. They can be configured with the release.changelog.projectChangelogs property in nx.json.

1{ 2 "release": { 3 "changelog": { 4 "projectChangelogs": true 5 } 6 } 7} 8

Just like with fixed releases, you can preview changes to the changelog files by running Nx Release with the --dry-run option.

Use the Projects Filter

One of the key benefits of independent releases is the ability to release only a subset of projects. Nx Release supports this with the --projects option. The value is an array of strings, and you can use any of the same specifiers that are supported by nx run-many's projects filtering, such as explicit project names, Nx tags, directories and glob patterns, including negation using the ! character. A few examples:

Release only the pkg-1 and pkg-2 projects:

nx release --projects=pkg-1,pkg-2

Release all projects in the server directory:

nx release --projects=server/*

Release all projects except those in the ui directory:

nx release --projects='!ui/*'

All other projects in the workspace will be ignored and only those that match the filter will be versioned, have their changelogs updated, and published.